Looking for a better way to match available freight loads with trucks, TransCore Link Logistics in 1990 developed Loadlink, a load board connecting brokers, carriers, owner operators and private fleets in Canada to a real-time database of 15 million loads, shipments and trucks – the largest in the industry. The monthly Canadian Freight Index now defines the freight movement spot market. Look here for the most current update from TransCore Link Logistics by Canadian Freight Index and Data Feed

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All-new Loadlink Puts it all under One Hood TransCore Link Logistics Closes Loop with New Single-Platform Loadlink Service.


How to Control Fuel Cost: Fleet Cards vs. Credit Cards. With diesel prices back on the rise, now more than ever fleet managers have to monitor fuel spending.

Volvo Trucks Celebrates 35 Years of Innovation and Aerodynamic Truck Design in North America

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Volvo's introduction of the Integral Sleeper, the first North American conventional truck model to offer a modern, streamlined design and a fully integrated sleeper compartment.

Mack Trucks Stakes Highway Claim with All-New Mack Anthem™ Mack Trucks introduced its new, next-generation highway hero, the Mack Anthem™, during the Mack Global Dealer Summit in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The Mack Anthem is a re-engineered, redesigned and reimagined interpretation of what today′s highway truck should be – aerodynamic, comfortable and connected, all with a distinctively bold Mack look.

Glasvan Recognized as International Dealer of the Year Sweeps top honours for international Great Dane sales with three out of four award wins

Glasvan employees earn top recognition by Great Dane in sales category Company Employees Win Awards for Sales Achievements and Superior Customer Experiences

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Mack presented Anthem in Edmonton, Alberta

Mack Trucks NA invited journalists into Edmonton to present their newest class 8 truck named Anthem

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Highway Robbery: The push is on to tackle clearance practices, excessive tow fees

If it’s a simple tow to get the person to the next exit, why is that $2,000

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The chicken-little tactics behind the "driver shortage"

Driver pay should be closer to $100,000 a year for a company driver, all things considered. Those gigs are few and far between in today’s world.

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The End of an Affair (A Trucker’s Benediction)

I’m left with a feeling of immense gratitude, humbled by the beauty of America, her people, and her spirit.

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Don’t underestimate the importance of the driver

In the truck, I’m the decision maker. The carrier I work for trusts me. It’s that simple.

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Mandatory training won’t fix everything, but it will help

The chorus calling for improved and mandatory training for truck drivers is growing louder as the days pass following the Humboldt, Sask. truck/bus crash.

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Volvo Trucks’ New VNX Series is Heavy-Haul’s New Heavy Hitter

"We’re excited to bring the new VNX to the heavy-haul market and we know that it will live up to the expectations of those doing heavy, hard jobs," said Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America.

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Here are 8 things that your dispatcher wishes you knew

I’ve compiled a list of the top 8 things I wished drivers could see from dispatch side of the transportation industry.

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Identifying the obstacles that keep women from trucking

A new Women In Trucking show on SiriusXM discusses challenges and opportunities for both male and female drivers on the open road.

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Snows try to keep spirit of "old-school truckers" alive

Daniel Snow and his wife, Phyllis Snow, are working to keep that "knights of the road" image alive.

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Beyond Tesla’s Semi Truck: The Future of Trucking And Transportation

On November 16, Tesla unveiled its all-electric rig aptly named "Semi".

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The problem of 'lumpy pay' in trucking

Though truck driver wages are rising, paychecks often remain inconsistent week-to-week.

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McLeod: Tangle of trends is changing trucking

Tom McLeod, president of McLeod Software, is fond of saying that, "one of the more immutable laws of the universe is that we reap what we sow."

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Self-driving trucks won’t make people obsolete

Technology won′t make human drivers obsolete. Actually, driverless trucks can improve working conditions for people

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The Shape of Trucks to Come. Volvo Trucks unveiled new VNL series

Volvo Trucks North America invited journalists to their plant to unveil new Volvo VNL truck...

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Breaker: Will Ontario silence the CB?

Truck drivers have long used CB radios, but for a period in the 1970s they became part of popular culture.

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Traffic Congestion Costs Trucking Industry $63 Billion Annually.

The research arm of the American Trucking Associations, calculated that congestion delays on U.S. highways are for more than 996 million hours of lost productivity.

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Trucking industry worrying about how to deal with high drivers.

The report shows carnage on the roads in two states where the recreational use of marijuana is now legal — Washington and Colorado — has doubled and tripled among drivers who tested positive for marijuana.

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Optimism Spurs Increased Heavy-Duty Truck Sales Predictions

There was a sense of optimism in the air at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Truckers say they are trying to clean up their image

Adams said while truckers used to have reputations as drinkers, that's not the case anymore.

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On Thick Ice: Inside the real world of ice road trucking

If you follow instructions from your convoy leader, you are less likely to make a mistake that will lead to a warning or suspension

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Truck attacks - a frightening tool of terror, with a history

It used to be that we worried about truck bombs. Now we have to worry about trucks used as weapons.

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