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  • Volume 11 • Issue 123 • December 2017
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    Beyond Tesla’s Semi Truck: The Future of Trucking And Transportation
    On November 16, Tesla unveiled its all-electric rig aptly named "Semi".
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    This Trucker Digest show is about the BLM Transportation Group.
    This well-known trucking company is looking for new drivers.
    BLM is proud to offer new equipment, plenty of miles, good work/life balance, an attractive pay package and genuine respect.
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Looking for a better way to match available freight loads with trucks, TransCore Link Logistics in 1990 developed Loadlink, a load board connecting brokers, carriers, owner operators and private fleets in Canada to a real-time database of 15 million loads, shipments and trucks – the largest in the industry. The monthly Canadian Freight Index now defines the freight movement spot market. Look here for the most current update from TransCore Link Logistics by Canadian Freight Index and Data Feed

  Trucking Industry News

Mack Trucks Stakes Highway Claim with All-New Mack Anthem™ Mack Trucks introduced its new, next-generation highway hero, the Mack Anthem™, during the Mack Global Dealer Summit in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The Mack Anthem is a re-engineered, redesigned and reimagined interpretation of what today′s highway truck should be – aerodynamic, comfortable and connected, all with a distinctively bold Mack look.

Glasvan Recognized as International Dealer of the Year Sweeps top honours for international Great Dane sales with three out of four award wins

Glasvan employees earn top recognition by Great Dane in sales category Company Employees Win Awards for Sales Achievements and Superior Customer Experiences

TIPS AND TRICKS 4-ways to find a great load An owner-operator offers some of his tried-and-true tricks for finding great loads on the load board.

2013 HOS Rule Is Gone for Good. The 2013 version of the 34-hour restart rule required drivers to be off-duty for two periods from 1AM to 5AM before they could go back to work, and the restart could only be used once per week.

Where to Find Freight in the Slow Season. February is the slow season for freight. It may feel like your business is at a crawl right now.

The Freight Recession is Over. 2017 Outlook: The Freight Recession is Over.

"Beaver" speaks many languages. Come to Beaver Truck Centre and we’ll find you the right truck at the right price.

Industry Trends by DAT. Truckers Edge Blog.

Caravan first Canadian fleet to deploy BlackBerry Radar. Caravan Transportation Group is the first fleet to roll out BlackBerry's Radar asset tracking system.

David Bradley, President of Canadian Trucking Alliance

Canadians of Eastern European heritage have recorded a long, rich history in the Canadian trucking industry. I am living proof. You wouldn't know it by my last name but I am half-Ukrainian.

Regardless of the decade, the Eastern Europeans that have immigrated to Canada represent a hopeful and promising future. After spending decades of dealing with famine, repression, war and the fight for independence in their homelands, Canada is the Promised Land. Many of those pioneering men and women that chose trucking as a career played an integral part in promoting and preserving the diverse heritage of our industry. They continue to do so. Like Canada itself, trucking is based on strong work ethic from different cultural heritages. Eastern European truckers have much to be proud of for their contributions. Our industry is richer for it.

The impending professional driver shortage means that trucking must continue to diversify if it hopes to grow for future generations and remain the top transportation mode of choice for Canadian businesses. I have no doubt that with the help of your community, as well as industry partners like DorogaRoad magazine, we will solve this and many other important issues in the years to come.

To mark the occasion of the 100th issue of DorogaRoad, I want to thank Serge and the editorial team for all their support of the Canadian Trucking Alliance and the industry at large. Congratulations! And here's to the next 100 issues!

David Bradley
President of Canadian Trucking Alliance

  The latest trucker digest issues

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Beyond Tesla’s Semi Truck: The Future of Trucking And Transportation

On November 16, Tesla unveiled its all-electric rig aptly named "Semi".

Current Mahazine Cover Image
The problem of 'lumpy pay' in trucking

Though truck driver wages are rising, paychecks often remain inconsistent week-to-week.

Current Mahazine Cover Image
McLeod: Tangle of trends is changing trucking

Tom McLeod, president of McLeod Software, is fond of saying that, "one of the more immutable laws of the universe is that we reap what we sow."

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Self-driving trucks won’t make people obsolete

Technology won′t make human drivers obsolete. Actually, driverless trucks can improve working conditions for people

Current Mahazine Cover Image
The Shape of Trucks to Come. Volvo Trucks unveiled new VNL series

Volvo Trucks North America invited journalists to their plant to unveil new Volvo VNL truck...

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Breaker: Will Ontario silence the CB?

Truck drivers have long used CB radios, but for a period in the 1970s they became part of popular culture.

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Traffic Congestion Costs Trucking Industry $63 Billion Annually.

The research arm of the American Trucking Associations, calculated that congestion delays on U.S. highways are for more than 996 million hours of lost productivity.

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Trucking industry worrying about how to deal with high drivers.

The report shows carnage on the roads in two states where the recreational use of marijuana is now legal — Washington and Colorado — has doubled and tripled among drivers who tested positive for marijuana.

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Optimism Spurs Increased Heavy-Duty Truck Sales Predictions

There was a sense of optimism in the air at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Truckers say they are trying to clean up their image

Adams said while truckers used to have reputations as drinkers, that's not the case anymore.

Current Mahazine Cover Image
On Thick Ice: Inside the real world of ice road trucking

If you follow instructions from your convoy leader, you are less likely to make a mistake that will lead to a warning or suspension

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Truck attacks - a frightening tool of terror, with a history

It used to be that we worried about truck bombs. Now we have to worry about trucks used as weapons.

Current Mahazine Cover Image
How to Survive Your First Year in the Trucking Business

Many new trucking companies close their doors within the first year of operation. Why?

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Uber’s Otto completes first-ever delivery by self-driving truck

The event was a milestoneas as it marked the first ever shipment by a self-driving vehicle in the world

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Drivers to blame for decreasing rates

I guarantee that the first companies to lower rates heard complaints, accompanied by hardly any resignations

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Truck Stop: How One of America's Steadiest Jobs Turned Into One of Its Most Grueling

These changes caused the high levels of turnover and low pay that have characterized the industry for more than three decades now

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Driver Detention: How Do We Fix It?

The vast majority of the carriers surveyed said that detention is one of the 5 biggest problems their companies face

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Ontario Implementing Mandatory Entry Level Training for Tractor-Trailer Drivers

Ontario is leading the way by being the first jurisdiction in Canada to introduce mandatory entry level training for tractor-trailer drivers

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Being generous with your time can pay off

...strong interpersonal relationships with shippers and receivers lead to higher productivity for the individual driver

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Volvo Trucks Delivers 100,000-th Truck Equipped with I-Shift

When we first introduced the I-Shift, many said that it would not be successful in this market," said Göran Nyberg, president, Volvo Trucks North America

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Reefer Carriers Face New Reality with Upcoming Food Safety Rules

Carriers across North America are shifting their operations to comply with customer demands over more stringent requirements related to food safety transportation.

Current Mahazine Cover Image
"In traffic, we struggle to stay human". Tom Vanderbilt.

The alleged mass shooting by a driver in Michigan shows how little we know about the effects of long-term driving on humans.

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Safety and Compliance!

A candid discussion with a 40 year veteran of the Transportation Industry. Kevin Snobel is a well-known in the industry specialist of Safety and Compliance...

Current Mahazine Cover Image
Think you know compliance? Think again

How soon after a random drug test may a driver drive again? When is the only time that an employer is allowed to run a pre-employment screening program?..

  2015 trucker digest issues

Issue 99 / December 2015

Flight 1549: Lessons for trucking from a near-aviation disaster

U.S. Airways Flight 1549 took off from La Guardia Airport in New York City one clear but cold January morning nearly six years ago and promptly ran into a flock of geese at an altitude of 3,000 feets... Русская версия

Issue 98 / November 2015

Bison Transport opened a new terminal in Ontario

On October 15, 2015 one of the biggest Canadian fleets Bison Transport held a grand opening for its new Mississauga terminal... Русская версия

Issue 97 / October 2015

Container Trucking Association of Ontario signs unprecedented deal with industry

The Container Trucking Association of Ontario (CTAO) has finalized a historic agreement on September 16, 2015... Русская версия

Issue 96 / September 2015

A fast and furious future for trucking

Trucking has always had a strained relationship with technology. On one hand, technology allows trucking to exist and perform as required. On the other hand, technology is... Русская версия

Issue 95 / August 2015

Barry Searcy: Your staff makes your business

On July 29, 2015 Volvo Trucks Canada added one more facility for their dealers' chain in Canada – the new Beaver Truck Center dealership in Brandon, Manitoba... Русская версия

Issue 94 / July 2015

Five Things Your Drivers Don't Know About Roadside Inspections

Andy Blair was a municipal police officer for 26 years and received DOT training through the Pennsylvania State Police... Русская версия

Issue 93 / June 2015

Truck Driving Would be a Great Job if You Got Paid

The Driver Shortage is Not Just About Being Away from Home. Русская версия

Issue 92 / May 2015

The dangers of trucking

Phillip Whitmer spends his days getting in and out of big trucks, teaching new drivers the rules of the road... Русская версия

Issue 91 / April 2015

Figuring Out Why Drivers Quit

Over the years, there has been a major problem in the trucking industry over driver turnover and the driver shortage that carriers face... Русская версия

Issue 90 / March 2015

1. Truckers and pedestrian suicide: "I can't stop screaming about dead people when I sleep"

Earlier this month, a 16-year-old girl died on Route 78 after she was struck by a tractor-trailer, less than a month after a young woman died in the same manner on that highway... Русская версия

2. "Let's talk about small things" by Serge Vankevich

Русская версия

Issue 89 / February 2015

Driver shortage makes capitalizing on low oil hard for truckers

A chronic shortage of drivers means America's long-haul trucking companies are struggling to capitalize on cheap fuel prices that could allow them to take goods shipments away from railroads... Русская версия

Issue 88 / January 2015

Chinese Truckers Forced to Pick Between Profits and Law

The suicide of a truck-driving couple in Minquan County, Shangqiu, Henan province is drawing attention to the dark side of China's booming logistics industry... Русская версия