Cindy, July 2014

Claire, July 2013

Alyssa, June 2013

Andrena K, October 2012

Cynthia, September 2012

Kristina, August 2012

Mary, July 2012

Danielle, October 2011

Amanda, September 2011

Sara, August 2011

Ksenia, July 2011

Inessa, June 2011

Kai, September 2010

Rachel, August 2010

Jessica, July 2010

Alexandra, June 2010

Sunnie, May 2010

Valentina, April 2010

Erina, September 2009

Sarah, August 2009

Eva, July 2009

Elena, June 2009

Jessica Princes, 26 years old

What she does? I am a professional model and actress. I am an official model for Maxine Morgan Eyewear and also an official face for Doublevisiondvj.
What she loves? Love to work out, have a long walk with my doggie, reading, watching horror movies and fast sport cars.
What she dreamed of? Have a chance to drive the best sport cars on the whole world.

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